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Name:Veronica Mars Fanfiction
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A place for posting Veronica Mars fiction
All types and ratings of Veronica Mars fiction are welcomed here. This community is intended to be a haven for VM fic-writing and a place to encourage quality writing.

All submissions should contain a rating, a brief description, a listing of the characters and/or pairings, any warnings, and a disclaimer, and should be placed behind a cut. The word count should be included as a courtesy to those readers who prefer particular lengths of fics. Please indicate 'WIP'. See this helpful post, designed for the livejournal 'veronicamarsfic' community. Please use PG, PG13, R, or NC17 for your ratings and indicate chapters of a longer fic (i.e., (1/10) or (1/?)(WIP) if you don't know how long your fic will be).

Additionally, to make it easier for readers to find stories they will like, I propose using the following tags (in no particular order):

mystery, character piece, angst, smut, fluff, romance, missing scene, AU, futurefic, rewrite, script-format, challenge, pre-series, crack, crossover

Your moderator asks that all submissions be betaed. A comment thread will be opened asking for beta volunteers. If a submission appears not to be spell-checked and contains significant grammar errors, it may be rejected. This policy is not to discourage newer writers, but rather to encourage them to strive harder.

In general, commenting is encouraged here. If, however, you have nitpicks or embarrassing concrit to make, please restrict yourself to sending these comments in a private message to allow the author an opportunity to correct their mistakes. Please make an effort to comment on the writing as well as the characters; find a particular line you like and let the author know. (Please note that we will have special critiquing guidelines on challenge responses.)

Crossposting is encouraged. Mention this site to help increase reader traffic.

Currently seeking co-moderators, especially those who will read and comment on lighter fare, such as fluff.

We will be running challenges here at [community profile] vmfictitious. See this post for details and vote in this poll to make your opinions known. I'm trying to do something a little different than what I've seen other comms do. The intent is to encourage each other in our writing endeavors and to guarantee quality in-depth reviews by inviting established VM authors to serve as judges. Mini-challenges will begin 9/26/10; the main challenges will start in early November 2010. All are welcome to participate: you do not need to have a Dreamwidth account to participate.

Please email me at vanessagalore AT for comments or suggestions.

There have been some issues with earthlink blacklisting dreamwidth's emails, so if you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, try emailing me at vanessagalore AT

(I think they call that irony.)

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